Monday, August 07, 2006

The Big DayWell, the day came to come home. After working hard to add 102 pounds of fat onto my body, we prepared to go home and see the reaction. We packed up the car, and off we went. I had a special outfit picked out to really add to the effect. It was a pear of blue sweat pants cut just above my knees, and a yellow tank top. Of course, they were purchased be snug at the time, and about 25 pounds ago, so they just accentuated the flab on my body like you cant imagine. .

The "shorts" were taught around my butt and stomach, which was reaching about 1/3 of the way down my thighs. And as for thighs, the flab rolls that were forming on my thighs were visible if i moved the right way and the shorts rode up some. Sitting, was a different story. There was definitely a roll or fold whatever you want to call it, on my legs above my knees. The tank top was big. It was loose enough for the rolls on my sides and back to be visible. My bra was easliy visible sicne there were no sleeves. As for my bra, it had been working over time for quite some time, so it was well worn out and didn't ovver much support. My breasts were spilling over the top of the cuffs, muffin breasts as Dan called them, which just made me look so huge. IF youre wondering why, he said they looked like a muffin spilling over the top of a muffin pan. And since the bra was shot, there was lots of movement... at least thats what Dan said. As he put it, they rocked back and forth with ever move.

It was a hot day, and we intentinally stopped about a 1/2 mile from the house and I got out of the car and walked for a while. It was really hot out, and of course, I didn;t last very long without the sweat pouring, and the red face showing up. I walked for quite a distance, and the glot back int the car and we pulled into the driveway. Now getting out of Dan's car isnt easy for me. I have to puch back against the armrest and the door frame to get back enough to get my legs out.The car rocked back and forth as I got out. I got up slow, an d started to make my way to the house. They were on the deck, and I could see their faces as I walked to them. I was really overdoing the " Its soooo hard to walk" thing. My overheated appearance really drove it home. I s l o w l y made my way up the steps, said "Hi," to everyone, and walked inside procaiming " I have to sit down." I fell into the couch, and Dan reached into my bag, got me a snickers bar, handed it to me and said, "here you go. " Mouths were hanging so low you could have flown burds into their mouths and back out.

I dont think I had ever felt so horny in my life than that moment. I introduced Dan, and we talked for a while. You know how you can tell what people are looking at? I could tell that eyes were looking at my body. Staring... with amazement. Then I had to use the John, which was upstairs. I asked Dan to help me get up, and then made my way down the hall, and lunbered upstairs. While I was up there, my Dad said to Dan... "What did she eat for a year stright? Shes massive..." He said..." I know, isnt she great?" Dad goes " Great? Shes as big as a house; SHe can barely freaking move!

I quietly made my way up the stairs, which is no easy task, made it into the john, say down and caught my breath. My face was beat red, and damp from sweating. I was exhausted from the trip upstairs, and about as erotically aroused as you can be. I over did how hard it was to move... and made sure I looked the part of a 500 pound slob. Thats what I was trying to achieve, and we both think that we did.That night, after Dan left, there was the obligatory " We need to talk..." Are you OK? You ve gained so much weight... I said.. i know, i put on a little. My Dad was like " Alittle? My dear, you are massively obese. I cringe watching you trying to move around the house. You havent stopped perspiring since you got here. " "I replied, " Im happy Dad... isnt that enough?" Well, you can fill in the blanks. It was everything I expected it to me. It was so incredible.

Now all I had to do was save up enough energy to make it upstaris, where I closed my door, opened my suicase and found 6 crispy cremes that Dan had packed for me with a note.To my Big Beauty: You looked so incredibly fat and beautiful today. The ocean of FLab moves back and forth with your every move and I cant wait to see you again and hold you in my arms as best I can. Enjoy these tonight. " I ate all six sitting naked on my bed trying to fall asleep, as it was hot in there. It was truly some day.


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