Monday, August 07, 2006

I miss Dan! On the timeline, this is where passed ended, and preset begins. I am now writing " as it comes.

Three days, and I really miss him. I miss being told how pretty I am, I miss being loved, and all I get is shit about how fat I am. It feels like it did back in like grade school. The non stop comments. All we have to eat here is Salad. " What's wrong with salad dear?" asked my Mom... " We always have salad... " We have never had salad in this house until yesrateday... in my whole life! I miss feeling good about me. I hate it. THere has to be a change. Its also not easy doing things all by myself. Dan did all of my things that required physical effort... I cant do this without him... Im too freakin heavy! I have to get out of here. Im so depressed.


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