Monday, August 07, 2006

YAY! Im going to Dan's.

Yup, he's gonna let me go with him for the rest of the summer. Which is a good thing. I can't wait to be in his arms again. I just want to be pretty again... I want to be OK... I told him that Id rather life life too fat wtih him, than at all. I told him that I hate people, and dont need to go out into the world. Ill stay home and be fat by myself, with him.

He things Im nuts, and will go crazy. But he doenst live in my body... he doesnt understand. I am perfectly willing to stay with him and live my life, even it it means not going out anymore into this cruel world. I never want to feel like I have for the last month ever again.

We have come up with a plan to once and for all determine if I could live that way. Im gonna go to is place, and for the rest of the summer, Im not going to go out. Im gonna pretend that I really cant go out, becuase Im too fat to go out.... to see how I react. I think Ill love it. He says Ill go crazy. We'll see. I just cant wait to get there!


Blogger ssbbwloverboy said...

hello Libby!

first off let me say CONGRATULATIONS on finding such a great man who appreciates ssbbw's such as yourself. also congratulations on being ok with being 500lbs, i find women who are ok with such a thing truly amazing. i was once in such a relationship, but now am without her, for many reasons, basically she dumped me, buttttt,,, really congratulations! I love all your stories, isnt it great finding out that there are men out there who appreciate the larger form? I wish you both much suscess, i hope someday to find such a goddess as you, size is sexy, size is very sexy, you go girl!

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