Thursday, August 24, 2006

Day 16.

I am turing into a lazy bum! Its amazing how much doing nothing can affect you. First of all, though I have no way of knowing, for all those of you who are into "my expanding size," I know Im gaining weight. I feel huge. Just getting up from the sofa is like the hardest thing I ever do. I tried to put on something more than sweat shorts and a cut up t shirt for Dans birthday dinner, but couldnt fit into anything. Not that that is anything new for me, but I didnt have the umph to keep trying. So, I put on his favorite outfit: My arrival at home outfit. I did not wear a bra though, cuase A) havent yet since ive been here, and B) the wire was buggin me. So, when youre not going out, who cares right?

I was also going to have dinner ready for him when he came home. He usually does it, but I just didn't. I put it off and put it off, then he came home! So, that was that. It was OK, cuase he brought home Chineese. We stayed up late and watched old movies and got very drunk! It was fun... funny movies hammered can be so funny... I had forgotten how much I love beer. in college, there was lots of it, but not since. We are going to have to fix that! We drank an entire case that night. I fnally passed out on the couch. Which is not all that different from other night. LOL!


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