Tuesday, August 22, 2006

It has been 4 days. I have not left, in fact, I have not even thought of leaving. I have stayed up way late a t night watching movies and playing online. I have slept really late for 4 days. I have eaten more food in 4 days than I probably ever have in 4 days before. Not becuase im trying to gain weight, but beucase i want to eat, and there is no one here to bug me about it. Once you have gained weight on purpose for the sake of reaching a number, you dont really care about a number any more. At least I dont.

Every day, there has been a note for me when I wake up telling me how beautiful I am, and how much I am loved. Each note has been different, making me feel good about being me. Everynight, he comes home a greets me as if I am the only woman in the world and we sit and talk. I dont know how many people think that is a big deal, having someone just want to spend time with you, but its everything to me. He makes me feel so special. We havent even mentioned the fat on my body... It has never come up. Not once.


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